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The WOW wall is an interior design specialist in Wall art decor ranging from Wall Murals & Wallpaper Murals to Wall Stickers, Door Murals & Canvas prints. Our Wall Art services are personalised and designed to match every requirement a project entitles, whether it is a home renovation project or a workplace transformation. Our dedicated design team are ready to discuss all your requirements and produce the customised artwork that will transform your walls and have everyone go WOW! Otherwise why call us the WOW wall?

Whether you are looking for a girl’s bedroom idea or a boy’s bedroom idea, our huge selections of wall art themes are sure to inspire your kid’s bedroom ideas. All our wall art designs come with our FREE Artwork and Preview service, so your child's wall art design fits their exact wall size while missing any obstacles in front of the wall and personalised with your child's name, age or anything else you want!.

Your child won’t want to leave their room and would love you for the playful atmosphere you have created for them. For us at the WOW wall, nothing beats the sound of your child saying WOW when they see their wall transformation for the first time.

Transform your home decor with our exclusive wall art designs ranging from wallpaper murals and wall decals to canvas prints and door murals. Take Benefit from our Free Artwork and Preview service to customise your interior design ideas into a masterpiece fit for your home.

Create bespoke interior design ideas that enhance your workplace. Our design team is ready to create wall art ideas that represent your company’s vision. A well and appropriately designed environment is crucial in setting the correct atmosphere as well as leaving that important impression in every business. With our FREE Artwork and Preview service you are able to create the wall art design that truly represents your business and it's motto.


At the WOW wall we believe that Wall murals and Wallpaper murals are the most effective way to transform any room.
Whether you are a homeowner looking to create the perfect bedroom surrounding for your boy or girl to cherish or looking to create a focal point in your living room or spice up the kitchen walls, or a business looking to portray your company brand image or a restaurant owner wanting to create that perfect dining experience for your costumers, personalised wall murals are the perfect solution with the most effective transformation.

Quality at the WOW wall is King.
We understand that when you are looking for wall decorating ideas, you want a wall decoration that looks as stunning five years later as it did on the first day and durable enough to withstand time. That's why all our wall decorations are built to last. All our wall decor products are made with the highest quality materials and printing techniques. We're constantly researching the market to update our wall decor products and stay one step ahead, so you know you're getting the highest quality and exclusive wallcoverings at an affordable price.

There are many wall murals that fall short in print quality and durability and can cause a great hassle when decorating your walls. Before you buy any wall mural, make sure it passes this checklist so you know you're getting the best possible value for money, and you won't end up disappointed:

  • Double Width Material: The wider the wall mural strips the less joins you have. Our wall murals are over 1m Wide.
  • UV Cured Printing: This is the best method of printing and is superior to most solvent ink printing on the market. At the WOW wall all our prints are done using UV cured inks.
  • Colour Fading: Highest resistivity again colour fading if printed with UV cured inks.
  • Scratch Resistant: Scratch resistant again most contacts due to it's superior UV cured ink printing technology and wall mural material quality and thickness.
  • Easy Wipe Surface: Also depends on the printing method. UV cured prints are the most durable against smudging of colours.
  • Anti-Tear Material: This is down to the material thickness and backing. Our wallpaper murals are up to 3 times thicker than standard murals offered on the market and hence are anti-tear.
  • Fire rated material: Our murals surpass fire code ratings for both residential and commercial use.
  • Thickness: It is important to have thick wallpaper as it will cover some uneven bumps and particles on the wall and will be easier to handle during installation. Our premium wall mural are so thick that you can’t tear it using your hands!

Our canvas prints are printed using Anti-Fading 12 colour printing inks, which allows us to offer a Lifetime Fade Free Guarantee on all canvases when ordered with a matt or gloss protective coating. All our canvas prints are hand stretched around our thick Pine gallery frames and include a free canvas hanging kit and tension wedges. This quality of work is what you have at an Image Gallery.


Wall stickers are the most cost effective way for any wall decorating idea and can be easily applied anywhere. The possabilities are endless, from an inspirational quote, company slogans and mission statements to a lovely statement that represents your family. Our desing team can produce any sticker quote from a selection of 1000’s of different fonts that fit your wall space and match your colour scheme.

Wall Stickers For Kids

Our nursery wall stickers offer fun and creative ways to decorate your child's playroom or nursery. By using our nursery wall stickers you can decorate your kids playroom or nursery and create a fun, beautiful and educational environment at a budget.

Wall Stickers For Home

Our wall stickers are a great way of creating something original and exciting for your bedroom decoration ideas and come at an affordable cost. They are easily applied and you can stick them anywhere you want, giving you even more freedom to create unique bedroom decorating ideas.

Wall Stickers For Business

Wall stickers are a great way of adding your company’s mission statement, logo or company slogan to your office walls, meeting room walls and reception walls. Another great ideas are using inpritational quotes as wall stickers to motivate your staff and give the space an uplifting feel.


Door Murals are a new way to personalise the entrance to a room. By using the right door design, you can let anyone know what to expect from walking through that door. Whether it’s an entrance to a princess palace or a pirates ship, to a blossom bedroom or forest themed room. Our Door murals are self adhisive with a durable laminate protection on top.

Whether your are a business with a specific design request or a parent looking to decorate your boy’s or girl’s bedroom, our custom wall design service is perfect in every way. Our design team are ready to modify any of the designs we have online or create one from scratch. A lot of our custom design services are free and complimentary from us to ensure you are always confident with how your ideas will transform your room.

Yes, that’s right. At the WOW wall our design team are ready to make any modification to our gallery images for free. Whether its as simple as resizing an image to fit your wall space, turning an image to black and white to repositioning a few of the jungle animals in a jungle themed wall mural so that they don’t fall behind a wall radiator. We are here to ensre your get the best service possible.

With our photo on wall service you can add that extra personalised touch to your wall mural decoration. Send us one of your favorite photos and we will turn your photo into a wallpaper print or a stretched canvas. Our designer are capable of enlarging almost any of your personalised photos.

We understand that every company wants to have their own image and that is why we offer this service, so that you can send us your desired design or photo for us to turn into a wall mural of your chosen dimension.

Using this service you can see the transformation made using your wall mural and make any changes you want before placing your order. This service is Free of charge to allow you the ability to choose the right image for your room.

Although the WOW wall is based in the UK, our products and services are offered worldwide. We have clients from all over the world and pride ourselve in offering the best customer expericence, product and service.

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