Space Wall Mural- Amazing Kid’s Wallpaper

Space Wall Mural- Amazing Kid’s Wallpaper

Space Wall Mural- Amazing Kid’s Wallpaper

Why stay on earth with your child when you can be in space? Our space mural and spaceship wall murals work well with any kid’s wallpaper. The love of galaxies, astronauts and aircrafts has never been this popular. Re- live your childhood memories with Jupiter, Pluto and shooting stars that remind you of all the fun times you had when you were a child.





NASA & The Milky Way Wall Murals

Join NASA and travel through the Milky Way light-years away from earth and transform your kid’s room with eccentric designs of aircrafts orbiting galaxies or bring in the colour of childhood with familiar wallpaper designs of stars, the moon and the sky. Space wall murals are the best choice to bring them all to life.


Space Wall Mural - Planet wallpaper

Above image is of NASA & The Milky Way Wall Murals



Spaceship Wall Murals

A vehicle designed to fly in outer space. Have your little boy run around with joy as he pretends to fly to “infinity and beyond” with his little Buzz lightyear.


Spaceship Space Wall Mural - Rockets

Above image is of Spaceship Wall Murals



Astronaut Wall Murals

Your little boy or girl can make up his own crew to launch out of space and give them each little assignments and duties like, commander, pilot or international space station engineer! Astronauts are cool and exciting. They teach us many things about our planet, stars and the galaxies.

Above image is of Astronaut Wall Murals




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