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At the WOW wall we offer a full service from start of Design to Print and Fitting. but for those who don't require our fitting service, please read the appropriate instructions to ensure your product is fitted under our guidelines to achieve a perfect finish.



Please read through these detailed instructions on how to fit your wall mural.
The process is quite straight forward so do not be fazed by the amount of information here.
If after reading the instruction below, you feel its best for us to hang your wall mural for you, please contact us and we can arrange a suitable time for your fitting.


How to hang our PREMIUM WALL MURALS :

Your premium wall mural is printed on our double width material (approx 135cm wide). The beauty of this exclusive material is its strength. This is very helpful as it can withstand being damaged while fitted. The total size of the print is about 10cm larger than your wall (5cm extra print on each side, top, bottom, left, right) to allow for movement and discrepancies in the shape and straightness of your wall, which are common. Each strip will need trimming to size (off the top and bottom) after it has been pasted on your wall - just as you would when hanging wallpaper. Each section of wall mural overlaps by approx 3cm, and these joins will need cutting to produce a next join. You will read more of this on our Joining section below.

We recommend that at the very least you will have another person the help you, as the paper is double the width of standard wallpaper. If you are applying your wall mural to newly painted walls, allow a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks for the paint to fully gas out and dry before applying your wall mural.


How to hang your wall mural - Instructions


To protect the mural and your flooring, we recommend you lay down dust sheets on the floor where you are hanging your mural. You will need to roll out the mural onto these sheets, which will protect the print. For best results your wall should have a smooth flat surface. Make sure the wall is smoothed down with no lumps or bumps in the surface. Use filler and sandpaper to remove any that are present.



We recommend using a strong heavy grade ready-mixed wall paper paste. You can purchase this from any DIY store. Ready-mixed means the paste is strong and 100% smooth with no lumps, which you can get from mixing paste yourself.



Our murals are designed with overlaps, so one strip will overlap the next one by about 3cm. When we fit wall murals we overlap each strip to match the pattern in the print and then we cut through both strips in a neat straight line from the top to the bottom, removing the excess print. This leaves a neat and flat join. You can leave the overlapping join as it is without this cutting if you prefer, but make sure you have applied enough paste for the overlapping area to stick properly. Carefully remove any excess paste with a damp sponge, and dab dry any wetness with a soft dry cloth.
NOTE: You will need a straight edge (like a long ruler) and sharp knife in order to cut the overlapping joins.


You can start hanging the mural from either the left or the right. For ease of explanation, we have assumed you are starting from the left-most strip.

Starting with the left-most strip: For the first strip it is a good idea to mark a plumb line (a line from the top to the bottom of the wall, which is absolutely vertical) down the wall where the right edge of the paper will align on the wall (remember you have 5cm extra on each side of the strip, so you can allow the print to wrap into the corner of your wall by this amount). Using the plumb line makes hanging the first strip much easier, as you can use it as a guide to ensure the strip is running totally level, which is very important (specially if you are covering a long wall mural).

Paste the area of the wall [we recommend pasting the wall not the wall mural] where the strip is to cover, making sure you have a nice uniform coating of paste covering the entire area.

For pasting subsequent strips you will need to apply paste to the edge of the strip which is to be overlapped [this is to help with joining the next piece]. Excess paste should be cleaned away after joining with a damp sponge, dab dry any wetness with a soft dry cloth.

Hanging of the 1st strip: Hang the strip on the pasted area [remember for the first strip you have 5cm extra on each side, so you can allow the print to wrap into the corner of your wall by this amount]. Make sure the strip is parallel with the plumb line and running level on your wall, then smooth out any air bubbles with a vinyl smoothing tool, or short bristle smoothing brush, and trim any excess from the left, top and bottom edges. Carefully remove any excess paste with a damp sponge, and dab dry any wetness with a soft dry cloth.

Matching the next strip: Here is the best way to match the print pattern when applying each strip:

a) Get somebody to hold the next strip in place but away from the wall by a few inches.

b) While holding the right side of the strip away from the wall, allow the left edge of the strip to touch the wall and overlap the previous strip. The area of overlap should be pasted.

c) Match the pattern from the top to the bottom before allowing the rest of the strip to be applied to the wall.

d) Refer to the joining section above regarding how to finish the joining of two strips.

Matching the remaining strips: Repeat these steps for each remaining strip of printed wallpaper.

Check you have removed all air bubbles and the edges of the mural are sufficiently stuck down with paste. Carefully remove any excess paste with a damp sponge, and dab dry any wetness with a soft dry cloth.


How to hang your wall mural - finished

Your wall mural will dry over the next few days, and any small ripples will tighten up as the paper dries out.

Stand back and enjoy the transformation.
This is when the WOW wall really makes you say WOW!

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Please read through all instructions before you begin.

Your stickers are supplied and sandwiched between a backing paper and a top layer of application tape.  The application tape is the cream translucent paper [which looks like large masking tape covering your stickers].  This application tape helps greatly when applying your stickers to your wall / window. Note: masking tapes are normally used/provided on large pieces of wall stickers.

We always recommend applying your stickers to a hard flat smooth surface, such as glass, furniture, or smooth painted walls.  Stickers will not adhere well to porous surfaces.  If you are applying your stickers to newly painted walls, allow a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks for the paint to fully gas out and dry before applying any stickers.


Clean the wall / window thoroughly and ensure the area is free from any dust and any loose materials.

Note: If sticking to a wall, ensure the wall is smooth and dry before commencing.  The wall should be painted and smooth with no flaking paint.  Do not stick to a bare plastered wall.



Without removing the paper backing, position the sticker on your wall / window exactly where you want it.



Once the sticker is in position, place a piece of masking tape along the top edge of the sticker to hold it against your wall / window.  Your sticker should now be attached like a flap against your wall / window.



Using the applied masking tape as a hinge, carefully lift up the sticker 180 degrees so it is flat against the wall /window surface.  Now slowly remove the white paper backing (fold the backing on its self peeling at a 180 degree angle] leaving the sticker and application tape in one piece.   For large stickers we advise getting another person to help you.



With the backing paper completely removed from your sticker, working from the top edge, gently lower the sticker with the application tape back down to the surface of your wall / window.  Gently rub down the sticker with your hand working from the top centre outwards to the edges of the sticker, as you work your way down from the top to the bottom of the sticker.



With the application tape still in place on top of your sticker, take a squeegee or use two credit cards back to back, and firmly rub the sticker down, again working from the centre outwards to the edges of the sticker, from the top to the bottom. This allows you to remove any air bubbles which may be trapped under the sticker.  Be careful around any areas where the sticker design is intricate as it is easier to inadvertently move or crease the sticker in these areas.

Allow at least 10 minutes for the sticker to rest.  Then repeat the above step, applying firm pressure to squeegee out any remaining trapped air.



Finally, gently peel off the application tape, again folding it back on its self peeling at a 180 degree angle.  If the sticker lifts from your surface as you are peeling,  work backwards and re-apply the application tape and more pressure to the sticker before slowly peeling off the application tape again.  The application tape should lift easily leaving behind no sticky residue.

Over the following few days the sticker will adhere to the surface more as the gum dries.

Stand back and enjoy the transformation.
This is when the WOW wall really makes you say WOW!

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